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At North Cromwell Paint, we've been supplying high-quality paint supplies and products to customers for over 25 years and we're a well-known and trusted name for paint stores in Walled Lake MI. We offer a variety of house paint to match almost any color palette you're trying to obtain and the interior paint colors we offer along with our exterior paints are reliable and of the highest-grade. These include such top of the line brands as Benjamin Moore paint which is known for its coverage and durability along with Pittsburgh Paint and their Manor Hall premium paint, Regal and Aura just to name a few. Many of our high-quality paints are designed with a new color lock technology which prevents fading and the breakdown of paint so whether you have kids who make a mess on the wall or an exterior subject to the harsh environments of the metro Detroit area, you can expect the paint to last a long time. Our house paint, including the Benjamin Moore paint, is mostly going to be 100% acrylic and are available in variety of finishes such as flat, matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss just to name a few options. If you're looking for a paint supply store which stocks some of the best brands, you can always count on North Cromwell Paint to have everything you need. Most of the paint we offer is going to have zero VOC which means volatile organic compounds. This is an important factor when deciding on the right house paint to use because VOC's are known for their potent odors which can be cruel to those with allergies and respiratory issues which is just one of the reasons why zero VOC paint is the preferred choice. North Cromwell Paint is a full service paint supply store capable of helping you custom match paint that is similar to what may already be on your walls. When it comes to using the paint, you're going to need the right paint supplies. As a paint supply store we have everything you would need to successfully complete a painting job in almost any room in your home. We carry Corona brushes which are our number one seller and Wooster supplies which are highly recommended in the painting industry and used by many professionals. We even sell power washers if you need to clean off a deck prior to staining and paint sprayers to get the job done quicker. When you're looking for paint stores in Walled Lake MI, you'll find that North Cromwell Paint has a long-standing reputation of being a professional and customer service focused paint and paint supply store employing the professionals who can answer questions and help you choose the right styles and color to really enhance the look and feel of your home. Come in and speak with our color consultant to help guide you toward the right exterior or interior paint colors and know that whatever brand you choose, you'll have high-quality paint being used in your home. Come visit North Cromwell Paint in Walled Lake and see why the website Houzz considered us a top professional in 2016.

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